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Recent lecture by Hans-Werner Sinn in Munich:
"Die europäische Fiskalunion"
     The Egon-Sohmen-Foundation was founded in 1987 by Helmut Sohmen in memory of his brother Egon (1930-1977).

Egon Sohmen was an outstanding economist working mainly in the field of international economics, especially on exchange rate regimes, and on allocation and competition theory.

The Egon-Sohmen-Foundation is a private non-profit organization. It promotes research in economics and wants to contribute to the debate on important public policy issues.

Since 1990, the Egon-Sohmen-Foundation has focused on holding regular international symposia, the Egon-Sohmen-Symposia, with distinguished scholars. It also initiates yearly Egon-Sohmen-Lectures at those places where Egon Sohmen studied or taught. The Egon-Sohmen-Foundation has its own publications.
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